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From Cobalt November 2010 Issue...

Found this one while checking more updates.

The mag now includes a DVD of the making of the live-action movie, and just follow the link below:

Pic 1: Haru (Sachiko) bunching up with the rest of the cast.
Pic 2: Tsutako (Alice Hirose) glomps Yumi.
Pic 3: Before the Play.
Pic 4: Riho Takagi as Shimako.
Pic 5: Kaoru Hinata as Yoko.
Pic 6: Miki (Yumi) having a cocoa/tea break.
Pic 7: Haru feels like having a blast!
Pic 8: Yumi turns around and...
Pic 9: Karen Takizawa as Sei, brooding a bit.
Pic 10: Nana Akiyama as Eriko, slightly goofy. xD
Pic 11: Rikako Sakata as Rei, looking worried.
Pic 12: Riho (Shimako) with that dewy look. Wonder if she could match Mamiko Noto in the voice department.
Pic 13: Hitomi Miyake (Yoshino), in the same quiet state as her first episode persona.
Pic 14: Our favorite shutterbug just ready to shoot.
Pic 15: "Onee-sama..."
Pic 16: "Yes?"
Pic 17: I wonder if that's the scene when she and Yumi were alone at the auditorium.
Pic 18: Made of awe and win: a WAFF moment when she cries her heart out.

Anyone getting this issue would be real lucky; a collector's item! :D

EDIT: OMG, there's more? Yep, this is the CM:

And more pictures? YEAH!

*dances happily*
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