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~ Information ~

Community for the general appreciation and fanworship of the wonderful anime series, Maria-sama Ga Miteru. Feel free to post anything you want to do with the series, opinions on the episodes as you see them, opinions on the characters, just generally why you like the series, fanart, fanfics, anything like that. Also feel free to alert everyone else to the latest cute Maria-sama picture you found on 4chan that'll probably be gone within the week, too.

~ Rules and Pointers ~

- Pictures should be kept under a LJ-cut, there are still people out there on 56k modems, unbelievable though that may seem.

- Fanart and fanfics under a LJ-cut too, give some indication of the rating of your creation outside of the cut, just so we don't click on something our teachers/workmates/bosses/etc wouldn't want us looking at ^^;

- No bashing. Come on, all the characters are so brilliant, why would you want to bash them ;-;. But seriously, just because you don't like (uh) (random example) Yoshino doesn't mean that a load of people aren't going to jump on your back for going "OMGSHESHOULDBURNINHELL"

- No elitism. I don't care if you've been a fan since the release of the first novel and wish to blast the anime to hell for being a pale representation of the vastly superior novels, but not everyone is fluent in Japanese and not everybody can get hold of such things. Feel free to tell the rest of us all about the novels, CDs, whatever it is you've managed to aquire, but there's a difference between 'hey, I want to tell you about this' and 'I'm so much better than you for appreciating the REAL story that you can have no comprehension of'. Someone who loves the anime is no less in their adoration of the series than you are. It's a fandom. Get over it.

- Keep spoilers at least tagged and/or LJ-cut. Not everyone's seen everything yet.

- Feel free to advertise your website, community, fansub group, scanslation team, whatever, but keep it related to Maria-sama.

- No homophobia. Given the nature of the series that should go without saying, but if you're specifically here to rant about how much you hate lesbians, you're in the wrong place. If "OMGSEI'STOOCOOLTOBEALESBIAN", you're blind. (^~)

- On that note, no yaoi-bashing either. Just because Maria-sama's all about the gurlies doesn't mean we should bash the (uh) guysies.

- Other than all of that, have fun ^^. You love Maria-sama? I do too! Hopefully once there are more members, we'll all love Maria-sama! Spread the love etc.

Remember, the Virgin Mary is watching :D

~ The Soeur System ~

If you, like many of us, like the idea of being in a Maria-sama styled sisterhood, don't forget to have a look at soeur_system, the community for just that ^^. Try to find a nice oneesama or petit soeur, okay? ^^

~ The Mod ~

Can't believe I forgot to mention it, but... your moderator is tabimendou ^^. That is, me ^^. Feel free to ask me about anything~

~ The IRC Chatroom ~

Visit us on IRC! We're #gardenofmaidens on Zirc.org. That is,

/server irc.zirc.org


/join #gardenofmaidens

See this post for more on how to get to grips with the IRC chatroom. You can also get on via Zirc.org's HTML website, which requires no IRC nor further IRC-ing knowledge.